Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's been AGES people! Miss me big?

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Hello Peeps! How has it been in blogsville? I see so many new people are now here. So what's new? I guess everyone is tired of my yearly hiatus but I KINDA promise it won't be that way anymore.. We really need to get back to my Patrick gist: "Looking at the accident, I wondered what I could have done if I was involved in it. Although lives were not lost but those who suffered injuries still have serious scars to remind them of that incident till date. The bus I was in stopped and we all gathered to rescue the injured. As with every accident associated with students, the crowd immediately pegged them as' party goers' and rained abuses on them. Well, thanking God for my safety, I returned to the safe confines of my room. I must have slept. For half of the day when I heard a knock on the door,when I went to get it, it was Shade with curiousity written all over her face. "So you came back and you didn't even let me know abi?" She asked- "Abeg" I responded as I moved back to my bed " when you heard about the accident, you should have come to check if I was okay" I replied. "Ehenn? Do you know how many questions and checking I asked just to verify that your are okay? Anyway, that's topic for another day.. What happened? Gist me.. Don't remove anything o, who and who attended cause school was kinda empty" she said whilst trying to make herself comfortable on the bed. I gave her a dirty look ;" Kenneth's girlfriend came for the part!" " Why didn't you tell me he has a girlfriend? It was really embarrassing oh" I said all in one breathe. With raised eyebrows she asked: "Does it matter?" "To me," she continued , "the important thing is whether you like Kenneth, his chic is not the issue and she will never be" she said with this all knowing look. "Why?" I asked "Do you like Kenneth?" she pressed with this irritating smile on her face. "No I don't. At all at all" " You had me worried, abeg that guy is not your type biko!" Shade finished as she settled comfortably back on the bed. "And he's razz too" I concurred. "Sha, that Kenneth's chic is a lesbian o" shade said "Its a lie! Are you sure? She didn't look it o" I said "Do they write it on the forehead, so gist me,what and what happened ?" She asked me.. I gave her the low down and then told her about Patrick. " Madam, how can you like someone who you don't know his name or if he has a girlfriend? Please don't like him yet, you look lovesick already" she teased. "Well sha na you know o" I replied, " I was just trying to tell you what's up " I said. I wondered why I was getting all defensive and had to proffer reasons/excuses for my actions but I just couldn't stop thinking of my nameless crush. It was intoxicating and I found that I had forgotten Bobi. Two weeks had gone by and I was beginning to get used to the fact that Patrick was a distant dream when Shade's boyfriend in an uncharacteristic friendly manner asked me to escort him to the joint arena to get a textbook. I found it odd and amusing cause his only friend,companion was just Shade but I didn't think much of it cause there was nothing to think about. So with my textbook in one arm and the other linked through Shade's bf, we strolled to the arena and I remember seeing Patrick in one of these restaurants with his best friend kachi, eating. Need I tell you that it was a welcome surprise when Shade's bf beckoned on Patrick and Patrick came smiling with an outstretched hand; "Hi, how are you? My name is Patrick,what's yours?" Shyly, I replied. "Sosexy" "Hmmm,nice name" he said whilst looking into my eyes.. I melted. In every sense of the word. We all noticed he was still holding my hand, Shade's boyfriend had to pry my hand away from Patrick's. "Go back" he said "I'd meet you up later" he said abruptly So I left. I wasn't sure what happened but I was giddy with this oh so sweet feeling I didn't want to stop having. I was all smiles when I got to Shade's room; "I see you've met Patrick, atleast formally" she said with this knowing look. "What?" I must have looked lost ans surprised 'cause she beckoned to me saying: "Don't just stand there, you think it was just mere coincidence that had Patrick sitting there? Or you both meeting? He's been bugging my baby to introduce you both seeing that you never leave your room" "Are you serious, come now, gist me" I begged her. "You too gist me" she replied I hurriedly gave her the details of my meeting with Patrick then she in turn told me how Patrick went through her boyfriend to get to know me,adding that he actually likes me. Need I tell you I was beside myself with excitement? Although I couldn't sort through my feelings, I was happy. I was experiencing romance, the type I had always dreamt of. *********************************************************************************** I want to say a special thanks to all who commented on my last post. I am back so you don't have to wonder when the next post will be up.. Thank you Feral Female,Doll,Nutty J to mention but a few.. Love you all more than I do me. Kisses! Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

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