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It’s been quite a loooong time!
I’m not a miss nice so I’m not going to bore you apologies but going ahead with my PATRICK story because I’m sure that’s what you’d rather I did than bore you with reasons why I’ve not been on blogger or excuses as well as promises to make good this time.

Well, my life has been full!
It’s a wonder the things human beings get up to in a year and that’s saying a little…
I suppose the saying when there’s life, there’s hope does go a long way and sure has a whole lot of connotations.
I’m sounding philosophical eh?
Sorry, I’m going through my life in my head and I won’t be surprised to know that God in heaven has a book meant specially for me or that in many years to come, people would be reading about me and my journey through life.
Like in OLA ROTIMI’s book The Gods Are Not To Blame,
Where King Odewale(correct me if I’m wrong) said:
‘’ ….The Butterfly thinks itself a bird….’’

Over the years, I have thought about this remark and although it struck me as odd, yet, I found it so powerful.
Listen; get my point; when you think big, you eventually become big…. I don’t want to get personal and motivational on the steps and all but if I believe that a book would be written about me in years to come, come on people, it would be so in Jesus name o!
I’m thinking big here…

The journey started, and like I said earlier (read previous episodes), I didn’t have anyone to talk to, and so it seemed also with the girl who Patrick had so tenderly delivered to the car. We struck up conversation and chatted about this n that before we drifted in to a companionable silence.

On the way to the venue of the party, we got arrested at a police checkpoint; when we got to the police station, I was able to blend in the crowd cause, of my dressing, I had on a cardigan to cover up the skimpy I had underneath and I didn’t have an ID card so it was so easy for me to escape. It was a sight to behold! The harassment and the manhandling of female students was horrible! Trust The Nigerian police to take advantage of someone’s fear and uncertainty.

The questions and interrogation that ensued isn’t what I would wish for my rivals but finally, some guys came and settled the policemen and those who were arrested were bailed.
We continued our journey to the party and of course it was already in full swing! It was also a pool party and since I hadn’t come prepared for that, I found myself a place to seat and thereafter concentrated on packaging the whole gist for my friend, Shade.

I wondered where Kenneth who had invited me to the party was and why he hadn’t even come to check up on me like every host would but then, I had someone to chat with (same girl) and all the food and gift items that was distributed at the party, came to me first like I was the Chairlady of the party.

Much later, Patrick came and asked if we ladies were okay and needed anything, I didn’t even pay much attention to him cause I was like, ‘’what’s the guy being nice to me when his girlfriend is sitting this close to me?’’

‘’what’s up?’’ I asked this new friend of mine.

‘’Go and be with your boyfriend now, like dance with him or something, why are you sitting here?’’ I finished;

‘’Ah’’ She exclaimed

‘’Sosexy please you won’t understand’’ she replied

‘’Understand what? They’d snatch him from you oh’’ I joked

‘’Sosexy, he’s not my boyfriend, his friend is-‘’ she finished

Chineke mei! Boy did I feel relieved! But I wondered what the deal was, like even if Patrick wasn’t her boyfriend, that kind of guy sure as hell won’t be free, hell no!

‘’Ehen? So where’s your boyfriend na?’’ I pressed

‘’ Since we came, he’s been avoiding me, I don’t know what’s wrong with him’’ she told me.

I felt so sorry for her and I was mad at men all over once again. Whatever the hell gave them the right to be so nasty to nice girls as I remembered my experience with Bobi and told her to forget the so called guy and have fun.

‘’Point him out to me for future reference’’ I urged her

Lo and behold, guess who she pointed out to me to be her boyfriend? KENNETH!

To say I was shocked is an understatement! To my credit I hid it. Apparently, Kenneth did not bargain for us to be fast friends let alone party companions and that spoilt his plans…
From what Patrick told me later on when we became friends, Kenneth was so confused when he saw his girlfriend and me together, cause, he had plans to ask me out. So bottom line, Kenneth hung out alone during the party and I’d say it was a befitting punishment for him...

I had a room to myself, how? I do not know. All I know was a reservation had already been made for me and so I took this new friend to stay with me in my room and there we stayed watching movies till 4.30-5a.m the next morning.

I got up to leave and this friend said she wasn’t yet ready to leave; I guess she wanted to get some time alone with weasel Kenneth and see if she could sort things out. Well, that was on her, if she couldn’t see the handwriting on the wall then I sure as hell wasn’t going to point it out to her.
I left and as I got the reception, I saw Patrick and he was asking to pay to for the room that was reserved for Sosexy (that’s me).

I wondered why he was paying for my room when he wasn’t the one that invited me and I wondered about all the gift items I had received too. Well, like my mum would always say (crazy mama that she is, lol) awoof no get bone. So what the hell?! I just went through the reception and out onto the hotel grounds and pretended not to have heard what had transpired at the reception and Patrick acted like he didn’t even notice me.

I was hot for the guy and I knew it!
I wondered how I was going to get over it.

When I went to the car I came with, an inconsiderate couple chanced me and I had to go in the next vehicle which was a bus.
As is expected from people who had partied all night long, people started sleeping 5mins after the bus started moving. I was still pissed at being rudely displaced from the car when the said car sped past us. It wasn’t up to 10mins when we saw the car somersaulting with such violence as I have ever seen.

‘’ No one is going to survive this, and to think I would have be in the car’’ I thought.

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