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Sosexy Apologises:
I am so sorry that I have been away for far too long; I met someone when I wasn’t expecting to and he sorta changed my mood as to writing. No, I have not stopped writing but he kind of made me smile, remind me that there were guys who could still do that to you and effortlessly, but then I don’t think or would I believe that this feeling of blissful happiness would last for long, so yeah, I, on my own, have woken myself up from this slumber before I am unceremoniously awoken from it. He still hasn’t done wrong but I don’t believe guys are this nice. I am back and won’t be distracted anymore. You sir, are too good to be true and I, won’t want to get hurt by liking you too much!

Sosexy Speaks:
This Patrick story has taken too long that even I, have become tired of the suspense…
As I sat in Shade’s room trying to read for the tests coming up in a few days, Shade walked in with this purposeful look on her face and from her countenance, I knew she had something to say to me so I dropped my pen, turned towards her with a resigned look on my face waiting, for whatever she had to say:
“Madam, you have to relax; come and hang out with me,
You have to forget Bobi and the crap he’s exhibiting
With that silly runs chick of a girlfriend he has and
And live a little”
“There are some many guys out there tripping for you and you know it
At least, choose one let’s start vetting him; I won’t let you date just about anyone just cause you like him, if you won’t shine your eyes, I would for you”

And I say:
“I don’t know if there’s any guy out there that I’d really like
I tell you, how? I’ve totally lost it.”

But Shade cuts in:
“Oh please come off it!” she barks at me;
“You can’t be serious! That silly looking Bobi, that ugly toad!
We all wondered what it was about him that you found attractive, it had better be just his publicity oh! He’s always wearing that his stupid boat-like green shoe! Always that green shoe! Please, doesn’t he have any other footwear? And what a silly colour for a guy! That razz guy?! Don’t even get me started oh! Mscheew!”

Throughout her outburst, I didn’t say anything because really, what was there to say? I had intended to live a quiet life and yet, here I am, my name wasn’t just on the lips of those of my friends or course mates, you know? Or even neighbours, but now, of the whole school and in nasty silly details: I’m sure they now knew what colour of panties I wear. I was feeling sorry for myself and I knew it yet, I wasn’t in a hurry to snap out of it. I continued with reading my books since that had suffered terribly during my ‘loving up’ days and I knew I could do better so I proceeded to do just that.
I went in for a test and because I was tired and exhausted from just reading and never resting or just even taking a break, I slept through the test and woke up 5mins to the end; of course you know the test for me was as good as not written! I was so mad at myself and walked back to my room, dejected.
Well on my way, someone called my name which ordinarily I would have ignored but for some reason, I turned towards the direction of the sound and I saw that it came from a guy who had been trying to get my attention; Kenneth. I almost hissed out loud but thank God I managed to control it. Nothing is wrong with the guy, handsome and all but he just isn’t my speck. To me, he was just razz and in capital letters please! Anyway, when he was close enough to me, he invited me for a party and I just smiled and told him that I would think about it and even he had to look at me in surprise. I shocked myself too seeing that I usually refuse. I don’t attend parties nor do I club and I liked to think that I was an innocent in those aspects.
Shade paid me a visit and I told her about the party and she was so happy and told me she had heard about it and was wishing she’d be invited and since it was strictly on invite, she urged me to go so I could give her the gist when I got back; I needed just a little push and for once, I was like: “what the heck!” What did I have to lose? I was single and I should just free up a bit, go have a little ‘look see’ at what people do in parties.
When Kenneth came up to my room to ask my response, I gave him my affirmation then he told me when and where to meet up with him for transportation and all, I dressed simply: a skimpy top and a low waist jeans but on second thoughts I pulled on a cardigan over the top and didn’t take any I.D with me but just my phone; I met up with the rest of the attendees at the rendezvous, saw the chics who were attending, I didn’t know most cause we didn’t move in the same circles. I saw the guys, cool guys, some I knew, some I didn’t, still we didn’t move in the same circles.
But I noticed something; they all came with their girlfriend or so I thought; I saw this coooool guy with a bandage on his right wrist guide a not particularly pretty chic in to the car I was in and he looked at me and me, him; passingly though and I didn’t think he noticed me that much and I thought to myself:
“So there are correct guys that are so in to their babes and are so crazy about them that they can do anything for them? Where was this guy all this time? Where has my head been all this while?”
It was a passing thought; to me, the day that had started on a bad note was now beginning to look decidedly interesting and would end that way.
Oh I forgot to mention that the cool guy was Patrick and that was the first time I set my eyes on him.

I was tagged by F and someone else... (Forgive me, I’d still mention you, I just have to be sure) I really have to accord them the respect and say something. So since I’ve been away, now I’m back I just have to do this. Things I love, others would find crazy or abnormal or would tag me to be something I’m actually not. So, if you misconstrue me after this, its fine and good, I’d even feel better.

1. I love sex and the foreplay with the right person that is.
2. I love to over sized foot wears.
3. I love to write, everyday, I write something.
4. I have a new friend who I love to talk to everyday so much it scares me.
5. I love chocolates and in the same vein, can’t help drinking garri everyday!
6. I love to be on the internet all day.
7. I love my big boobs and love to flaunt it
8. I love it when my friends are loyal and caring.
9. I love slim guys with a passion.
10. I love blogging along with these bloggers:
Myne Whitman
Bon rose
Nutty J
Lady X
Girl With The Red Hair
Feral Female

Thanks y’ll!

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